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12 Apr

Potential Solutions to Common Kidney Transplant Obstacles

A recent study on Improving Access to Kidney Transplantation published in Kidney Me Volume 3, Issue 5 in September/October 2021 Edition, identified barriers as expressed from both Transplant Centers...

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12 Mar

Can Self-Dialysis help solve staffing issues?

The Medicare Benefit Policy Manual for ESRD, Chapter 11, defines Self-Dialysis in section 10 as: “Dialysis performed by an ESRD patient in-facility with the expectation that the patient performs...

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02 Mar

How can an ultra-filtration calculator help your facility thrive?

ESRD QIP Measures for 2022 continues the reporting requirement for UFR.  Understanding the guidelines for this reporting measure is only the beginning.  Educating patients, training staff, and creating an...

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08 Feb

Dialysis Billing Transformation

In the last ten years, dialysis billing, revenue and quality metrics have changed greatly. Beginning in 2011, dialysis payments from Medicare became a bundled payment. This change was to...

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06 Jan

Renal Replacement Therapy

Renal Replacement Therapy Renal Replacement Therapy or RRT, as some may say, comes in many forms. Inclusive of in-center dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, home hemodialysis, and transplantation, the term refers...

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11 Dec

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

No Place Like Home for the Holidays Home is defined as a place where something normally or naturally lives.  It is an environment that is comfortable, regardless of the...

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20 Nov

Envisioning Solutions

Envisioning Solutions Acronyms, abbreviations, alphabet soup and et cetera Et cetera, previously abbreviated as ETC., and left hanging at the end of a long list, has a new meaning....

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29 Sep

The 21st Century Cures Act

The 21st Century Cures Act The 21st Century Cures Act (CURES; P.L. 114-25) will allow Medicare-eligible individuals with ESRD to enroll in Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage (MA) managed...

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