Analytic Services

ckd analytics

CKD Analytics

Access to Analytical Data Warehouse

Visonex can provide clients with access to our proprietary data warehouse which allows clients unprecedented access to view, analyze, and display their data; limited only by their imagination. Descriptive, as well as predictive analytics allow for accurate risk stratification across patient groups.

Population Management Analytic Solutions

Some of our clients have a need to identify certain patient populations to effectively deliver results-driven, evidence-based interventions. Visonex has the capability to provide our customers with effective solutions. These solutions range from clinical data acquisition and analysis to identify high-risk patient populations (such as Chronic Kidney Disease CKD or End-Stage Renal Disease ESRD patients), risk stratification, and decision support tools to assist with the development of care management pathways, identification, and management of transitions, to quality management reports and many others.