Clarity Dialysis EHR

Clarity dialysis ehr

Clarity Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Clarity EHR – Electronic Health Record simplifies in-center, home-hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis patient management. As a web application, Clarity doesn’t require a large upfront investment in time or money. Accurate and comprehensive reporting of dialysis information allows providers to deliver efficient and quality care to patients. Experience the advantages of working with Clarity:

Avoid owning an obsolete dialysis EHR software system

Using a web application, Visonex clients are always on the most current version of Clarity. Visonex upgrades through regularly scheduled maintenance releases with no local IT or end-user involvement.

Navigate regulatory changes with ease

Timely releases from Visonex help your team meet ongoing regulatory changes and stay compliant.

Benefit from a hosted web application

Optimize patient care, reduce operational costs, the total cost of ownership, and streamline workflow.

Integrated Billing Software

Clarity is a dialysis EHR that also performs many dialysis billing functions. Visonex dialysis billing software aids in effectively and efficiently capturing billable items.

Work with an intuitive user interface

Improve staff acceptance, eliminate the frustration of learning, and implement new dialysis-specific EHR software systems.

Automate critical tasks

Learn how to automate your CFC assessment process and capture bundling modifiers automatically.

Patient Portal

Allows home patients to enter treatment information and medication administration, streamlining the clinic visit. Visonex patient portal enables clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control of health plans and data.

Decision Support tools are available and include:

  • Care Pathways
  • Medication Protocols

Clarity Supports All Modalities;

Outpatient Chronic, Home Dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, NxStage, Home Assisted

Other Visonex Services Include:

Dialysis EHR Billing Services

Dialysis Management Services

CKD Analytic Services

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