About Visonex

Client Testimonials


Who We Are

At Visonex®, we focus on building a solid relationship to help our clients overcome challenges on a daily basis. It’s more than technology solutions; it’s about ongoing support, service, and making sure you’re getting what you need to be successful.


Why Choose Visonex

We are committed to earning your trust from the beginning. At Visonex, we share the risk with our clients by trying to avoid a large capital expense upfront and not locking you into a long-term agreement. Our interest is a long-lasting relationship.


What We Do

Visonex is proudly based in Green Bay, WI, and our Support Service teams—whether in the field, over the phone, or online—will respond promptly to your requests. We prove our worth every step of the way.


Why Visonex

With over 16 years of renal EHR experience, we will work with your staff to get the most of your efforts. Our leadership team brings with them a wealth of renal and healthcare industry technology experience. We understand that every client is different, so we listen to your unique needs and devote time to helping you succeed.