John Opichka

Personal Information

  • Name : John Opichka
  • Job : President

About Me

John Opichka co-founded Visonex® with Dr. Hartman in 2002. Before forming Visonex, John was very successful in positions involved with turning around struggling business. His passion for building businesses is closely followed by his passion for mentoring and teaching others. While turning around businesses he participated in one of his most enjoyable activities; teaching novice entrepreneurs the art of starting and running a successful business.

His focus on people and the idea of Visonex having an impact on the way Healthcare is delivered was a perfect fit. He has brought to Visonex his business knowledge and the enthusiasm to mentor and build strong teams, along with the continuing need for process improvement throughout the organization. John continues his involvement with all aspects of the business with each new client. Making sure the client’s needs continue to be heard, His desire to help people grow and to show them the impact they have in this industry keeps everyone focused on the importance of doing it right the first time and having fun in the process.